Dear Dance Educator:

Soon you will be making a professional decision for your dance educational studies for this summer. I encourage you to consider the unique comprehensive dance programs offered by Dance Masters of America (DMA), through their annual Teacher’s Training School (TTS). The home for TTS is located in Amherst, New York, in the state of the art facilities at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Dance Masters of America established the TTS program at the turn of the century desiring to present the best possible education and teaching philosophies for its members and future members. The TTS program continues to grow and improve, always setting higher standards and keeping up with new trends. Although the Dance Masters of America has always included a program for the training of dance educators in their curriculum, it wasn’t until 1970 when it was moved to Kent State University that it evolved into the program we now know as “Dance Masters of America Teachers Training School”. Master teachers instruct classes in teaching techniques for all disciplines of dance: ballet, tap, jazz, modern, theatre dance and specialty classes including acrobatics, teaching children, ballroom, contemporary, hip hop, dance history, kinesiology, Pilates, yoga, Gyrokinesis, and choreography. In these classes the teachers also touch on music theory and dance notation.

The Unique DMA approach to dance education provides both a creative and structured pathway for quality learning. DMA recognizes the full potential of dance education and the many integrated inroads that will benefit teachers and their promising students. Each year a qualified faculty is assembled that: fits into DMA’s academic and creative dance environment; is philosophically compatible with DMA’s educational mission; has the ability to offer creative ideas to problem solve; respects the opinions of colleagues; and that displays a willingness to listen to the concerns of diverse participants.

Most importantly, each year, DMA assesses and evaluates its educational programs to make them the best that they can be. Within the last few years, we have witnessed the success of innovative programs such as: The Students Honors Intensive Program (SHIP), the Ballet Intensive Program and the Jazz Intensive Program. in addition, both curricular and testing changes have been implemented in the TTS program along with the addition of Musical Theatre and Hip Hop Intensives.

To reflect stronger measurements of success, TTS has implemented two initiatives. First, there will be the placement of students within Levels by Core Faculty. The divided-levels will allow class objectives to work in keeping with the needs of the students. Further, this placement will acknowledge individual differences and convers for student welfare. Both levels will arrive at the same place but through different processes. Second, defined titles will be given to participants completing four years of course work at TTS. After four years, your title will be determined by your level of test-out or non-test-out in the core subject areas. These defined titles will give clarity and point of reference to the student’s status. Listed in the brochure are the defined titles. To receive credit for completion of the program it is mandatory that you stay to the end of the program and attend all required classes.

DMA is engages in truly exciting work to help shape a brighter future for you and your students. We hope your will join our nurturing and challenging DMA family of educators this summer at the Teachers Training School.

Looking forward to seeing you there, Teachers Training School Administrators