The Dance Masters of America, Inc. established a program for teachers’ training at the turn of the 20th century, desiring to present the best possible dance education, teaching techniques and philosophies to its members and future members. This program was held during the week preceding or immediately following the National Convention and was called “Normal School”.

Although the concepts and goals of the program have never changed over the past century, it wasn’t until 1970 when it was moved to Kent State University, that it evolved into the program we now know as “The Dance Masters of America Teachers Training School”. The University setting and facilities greatly enhanced the program. With each passing year the Teachers Training School Program continues to grow and improve, always setting higher standards and keeping abreast of the newest trends in dance education. To accommodate the rapidly growing enrollment and to further enhance the program,  Dance Masters of America Teachers Training School was moved to the beautiful facilities of the State University of New York at Buffalo’s Center for the Arts. We are proud to say that the Teachers Training School Program established almost a century ago continues its long tradition of excellence in dance education and the art of teaching.

The Dance Masters of America Teachers Training School is a professional program that provides both basic and advanced teaching techniques for all Dance Educators. The focus of the program is on education, where attendees learn proven teaching principles, fundamental dance techniques, build a core dance syllabi, and methods for successfully applying these skills in the classroom. Successful completion of the four-year program and examinations result in Dance Masters of America certification in dance education, where teachers are certified by test to teach.

  • TTS is a unique learning experience that offers substantial benefits for all teachers.
  • TTS provides an opportunity to learn the core, fundamental material on which to establish a strong dance foundation.
  • TTS allows an established teacher to brush-up on their existing skills and to expand their knowledge to new areas of interest.
  • TTS offers dancers the teaching skills and methods to successfully make the transition from performer to teacher.
  • TTS provides a highly conducive and supportive environment to focus and learn the art of teaching.
  • TTS allows one to network with other established professionals and share in their experiences and lessons learned.
  • TTS provides an opportunity to earn college credit or credit to your masters degree in dance education.