Dance Masters of America, Inc. is an International Non-Profit Educational Organization of dance educators, who have been certified by test to teach; have had a professional dance career; or have a degreed certification from an approved institution of higher education.

The Dance Masters of America had been certifying and setting the standards in dance education since 1884. Since its inception, the goals of the organization have been to improve the standards of dance benefits offered to its members and their students.

DMA provides manuals and other training aids that are being utilized in dance studios, schools, colleges, universities and other dance institutions throughout the world. Continual updates of the manuals make them a living instrument of learning.

DMA Teachers Training School Program is an outstanding and respected educational venue for dance teachers. The program provides a comprehensive curriculum, an outstanding faculty, a unique focus on technique and teaching skills, and the nurturing of camaraderie among, established teachers as well as those just starting their careers.

DMA Chapters provide regional workshops, educational seminars and forums as well as performance opportunities for members and their students.

DMA National and Affiliated Chapter’s Conventions and Workshops afford the membership the opportunity to unite for the exchange of ideas and information and to study the latest techniques and business advancement opportunities.

DMA offers the most extensive variety of dance education effecting today’s dance professionals. Some disciplines included are ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, contemporary, liturgical, ethnic, pre-school, children’s work, and acrobatics.

DMA offers instruction in anatomy, injury prevention, nutrition, kinesiology, creative movement, music theory, choreography and the issues that affect the dance community.

DMA offers over 100 opportunities to expand and perfect your technical and professional skills through affiliation with more than thirty Chapters in the United States and Canada.

DMA offers more than $200,00.00 in monetary and educational scholarships. Scholarships are granted for master classes, training school, universities, and major professional schools of dance. These Scholarships are offered annually to its members and their students.

DMA Newsletters and Magazines are published throughout the year allowing the membership to stay on the cutting edge of the activities of the organization.

DMA offers recognition of members who have met the prescribed requirements of its continuing education standards.

DMA offers members a reduction of their BMI, ASCAP and SESAC licensing fees.

DMA honors members and other professionals for their outstanding contributions to both DMA and the Art of Dance.